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What is it?

The look and feel is that of a uniformed pit stop crew... Slick, Fast and putting on a show?

Car cleaning and mechanical services... build a quality brand, very professional with Japanese style customer service. 

Light mechanical work, WOF? (Billy?)



The right hand picture is obviously an exaggeration but you get the idea, these will be mobile teams of about 4 or 5 car cleaners who can setup shop close to intersections fully equipped with generator and water blasters and proffesional car cleaning products, they will be fully trained in how to clean cars so that drivers will have full confidence their pride and joy will be fully looked after.

Important to this is an Eftpos terminal, so an account with ANZ?


Required Items:

Diesel Generator ($2000)

Petrol Water Blaster ($1000)

Uniforms ($1000?)

Cleaning Products ($???)

Eftpos terminal ($1000)

Car care training ($???)


This is the type of services that would be offered but including possible light mechanical help..

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