The Required Essence

  • Be a Good Person
  • Be a Humble Person
  • Understand And Practice Empathy for All Living Things
  • Religeous Talk is Not Truth, Science Talk Is Not truth, True Talk Is Not Truth, Only Truth Is Truth
  • Expect The Unexpected
  • Be the Unexpected
  • A Clear Heart Is A Clear Path
  • A Troubled Heart Is A Troubled Path
  • Intention Is The Key To Which Path Is Chosen 
  • Everything Is Connected, Every Thought Is Seen
  • Do Not Project Harmful Thoughts Upon Anyone, Do Not Entertain Seeds Of Harmful Thoughts
  • A Soldier Dies But Once
  • A Thousand Deaths Makes A Soldier
  • We All Have Choices, You Are Guaranteed The Power To Choose
  • Keep Trying, Keep Crying, Keep Dying
  • Until Your Truth Reveals Itself To You
  • Or You Reveal Yourself To Your Truth
  • To Walk With The Light Is To Walk With The Dark, There is No Good Without Bad, There Is No Bad Without Good, This Is True Harmony
  • Good Or Bad Is Neither Right Or Wrong, Right And Wrong Is Balanced By Both Good And Bad
  • Both Your Spirit And Intention Decides Your Path, Once Your Path Is Chosen Your Heart Follows.

As I Become, They will Decease...

My Light & Dark from within and without will work together to achieve a new harmony and direction, I will mend my ways and look to love for healing.