Hi my name is Albie Apiata, i have been working in the IT/Webdesign industry for the last 19 years or so, i worked for an awesome kiwi company called WEBSITE.WORLD and would like to take this moment to thank Reuben and the Team for putting up with me for so long. perhaps a bit longer than 16 years :P unfortunately i did not really grow and keep up with the fast changing pace of the industry and in the end i became frustrated and 'annoyed' <-- better word needed -- with it and lost passion for it, but it was a great opportunity for me and although i did not grow with it i learnt a whole lot more associated around the industry, perhaps communication being the most important.

Its important to note that although i am no longer working for them i am still a reseller for Website.world through my own website dropshadow.co.nz and still look after my existing clients when needed and still take on design jobs when they come along.

A different direction

Upon leaving the company (actually they are kind enough to still allow me use of the office) i have been thinking of a different direction, a friend suggested i do lawn mowing which appealed to me as i realized i actually missed doing manual work, you know, like lifting things, pushing things and hitting things etc.. so i set about looking at lawn mowers and weed eaters and all that other stuff i never had when i mowed lawns as a kid with a push mower. 

An opportunity

The whole point of this exercise is that since i have been off work contemplating i have taken more notice off the homeless and jobless people around this city, there are so many, whole familys sleeping on Queen St, i myself know how easy it is to turn a blind eye and ignore their plight, its hard for everyone right, so i dont have enough to spare, it challenges your humanity as you walk past them.

Then something opened my eyes or perhaps my heart to their struggle, so i started offering what i could into their cups, i would also stop and talk with them and found most of them to be some of the most appreciative and intelligent people i have met, its not just homeless... also jobless, the people that clean windows at intersections, ive met drivers who hold all licenses, landscapers, mechanics etc all of whom i would consider more talented and skilled than me. 

The idea

So i thought i could try to help some of them get back on their feet and try to start up a company called KINGSCLUB, this company would initially start as a lawn maintenance company but i also have contacts in the construction industry and an idea on how to deal with the intersection window cleaners that will give them employment, and lastly an idea on how to shelter the homeless in a dignified way and enable them the opportunity to get back on their feet, its all they want.